From time to time it becomes necessary for me to sort through my dolls.  I have therefore decided to offer for sale, dolls I no longer require.
Anyone wishing to purchase a doll can pay with Paypal (or cheque or Postal Order if living in the U.K.).
Postage to be paid by the purchaser please.

Please contact me for postage quotes through my email:, quoting the Code no. for a doll, which you will see at the top of the listing.

I will always combine postage whenever possible.

Thank you.

 * * *
Code No: - (Europe - Spain (Ibiza) - BG/00112)
Plastic doll.  Jointed at the hips and shoulders.  Painted features
and light auburn coloured hair in one plait down her back.
Her stiff skirt is pleated at the back, and her black,
silky shawl is daintily fringed.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 6.5" high.
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.
 £3.00 - (plus postage).

 * * *
Code No: - (Africa - Morocco - BG/00111)
Jointed at the shoulders, and slightly jointed at the hips.
Painted features.  Tattoo markings on forehead and chin.
Gold chain decoration falling from a bead on each side of her face.
Gold metal headband with the hand of Fatima in the centre.
HEIGHT:  7.5" high.
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Label hanging from wrist - information in several 
different languages, in the centre.   An outline of a hand and
"LATIFA JAMILA", and "Passeport" on the front, writing in French on the 
back of the label, and also "HAND MADE IN NORTH AFRICA".
CONDITION:  Reasonably good vintage condition, but the fringing
has come away from the edge of the silky shawl on the back (about half and inch).
This could either be stitched back in place, or
glued with fabric glue.
£3.00 - (plus postage).

 * * *
GERMANY - (Hess)
Code No:  (Europe - Germany - BG/00109)
Hard plastic body, jointed at the hips, 
shoulders and neck.  She is dressed in the costume of
the region of Hess.
Painted features.
HEIGHT:  10.5" high (to the top of her bun on her head).
DATE:  1960's.
MAKERS MARKS:  "25" impressed on back of doll.
CONDITION:  Good vintage condition.
£4.00 - (plus postage)

 * * *
Code No:  (Europe - Russia - BG/00108)
Hard plastic body jointed at the hips, shoulders and neck.
Painted features.  No shoes.
HEIGHT:  12" high.
DATE:  C. 1990's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Label attached to back of shirt,
but it is in the cyrillic alphabet.
CONDITION:  Reasonable vintage condition.
£3.00 - (plus postage).

  * * *
CROATIA - (Wearing the headdress of a married lady)
Code No:  (Europe - Croatia - BG/00107)
Hard plastic body, jointed at the shoulders and neck.
Painted features.
Carrying a woven tapestry bag.
HEIGHT:  9" (to the top of her headdress).
DATE:  C.1990's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on doll.
CONDITION:  Good, clean condition.
£4.00 - (plus postage).

 * * *
WALES - (dressed in hand-knitted outfit)
Code No:  (Europe - Wales -BG/00106)
Vinyl doll, jointed at the shoulders.  Painted features.
Wearing a hand-knitted Welsh (Wales) costume.
HEIGHT:  8.5" high (to the top of the brim of her hat).
DATE:  C.1990's.
MAKERS MARKS:  "CHINA" impressed on back of doll,
but the outfit was hand-knitted in Wales.
CONDITION:  Good clean condition.
£4.00 - (plus postage).

* * *
TURKEY - (pair of dolls)
Code No:  (Asia - Turkey - BG/00102)
A pair of dolls on separate bases.  Plastic bodies
with wire armature arms.  Painted features.  Brightly coloured clothes.
HEIGHT:  Approx. 6.25" high (including bases and hats).
DATE:  C.1970's.
MAKERS MARKS:  Clothes covering any possible marking on dolls.
No marking on bases.
CONDITION:  Very good condition.
£4.00 - (plus postage).

 * * *
BELARUS - Traditional doll)
Code No:  (Europe - Belarus - BG/0095)
A half-doll with a cloth upper-body.  Wooden knob head with painted features.
Her dress is firmly stiffened, allowing her to stand well.  Her blonde
hair is in one very long plait almost reaching her hemline at the back.
HEIGHT: Approx. 6.5" high.
DATE:  C.1990.
CONDITION:  Good condition. 
£3.50 - (plus postage).

 * * *

 * * *
PERU - (Lady carrying a baby)
Code No:  (America - Peru - BG/0090)
A lovely hand made doll with cloth body and embroidered features.
She is holding a baby.  The mother has black hair in two long plaits
and the baby is completely wrapped in a hand knitted grey shawl.  The mother's hat is crotched with an embroidered edging, and her sandals are black leather-look plastic.
HEIGHT:  Approximately 7" high (to the top of the mother's hat).
NOTE:  There is some "faint printing" on the mother's legs, but this is simply the fabric which has been used.
DATE:  C.1970's.
CONDITION:  Very good condition.
£4.50 (plus postage)

* * *
SPAIN (Lanzarote, Canary Islands)
Code No: - (Europe - Spain (Lanzarote) - BG/0041)
A hand made doll with a reed body, with no arms or legs.  
(This is the way she was made).  Drawn on facial features.
Brown wool plaits.
HEIGHT:  Approx. 6.5" high.
DATE OF DOLL:  C. 1980.
CONDITION:  A couple of very ting "spots" on her skirt,
otherwise good condition.
MAKERS MARKS:  "LANZAROTE" printed on apron.
£2.50 (plus postage).

 * **
Code no: - (Europe - Latvia - BG/0014)
Wooden half-doll with sponge covering  around body.  (The lower half is a
 wooden pole base).
Painted features.  Blonde hair with a very long plait
down to the hips at the back.
8" high.
Condition:  The clothing is in very good condition but
the sponge around the body is starting to disintegrate.
£3.00 (plus postage)

  * * * * * * *

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